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Maternity Department

 Maternity Department

It is the first and oldest department of hospital at the beginning of hospital in 1959, and in this time it is known as a private maternity in Mashhad. Now this department serves dear patrons with having equipped and modern facilities and suites and on the other hand with attending experienced physicians and trained nurses who are professional in all methods of giving birth and delivery helps mothers. These services are like as delivery next to companions, painless delivery (with different methods including Antonex gas, spinal and Intra venous and Etc.). 

The rising attention of people to this center causes that it has more than 600 patients per month, so it has high statics of delivery between private hospitals in Mashhad

The emergency operation of maternity is the other new and positive action in this department which is established in delivery blocks. The emergency Obstetric surgery can be done in this operation room in the shortest time when there is danger for mothers and her fetus. It can have vital role for saving mother and her baby lives.