History of Bint Al-Huda Hospital

History of Bint Al-Huda Hospital and Maternity Hospital


:History of Bint Al-Huda Hospital and Maternity Hospital –

Bint Al-Huda Private Hospital and Maternity Hospital of Mashhad is the first private hospital in the holy city of Mashhad, which was established in 1337 by the late Dr. Motamedi to provide modern medical services to patients,  especially delivery and aftercare, and in a short time to It became known as a well-known and prestigious maternity hospital in the city.

. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1978, this hospital was under the supervision and management of the Veterans of the Revolution Foundation, but unfortunately during those years, due to the general situation of the country, the service level of the hospital was greatly reduced and even around 1378 and 1379 Reached less than the standard level of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, so in 1379 the hospital was transferred to the private sector and with the active presence of Dr. Mohammad Reza Amir Hassankhani, surgeon and ophthalmologist as the new CEO of the hospital, the process of resuscitation and resuscitation Started and became one of the best private medical centers in the province.

In this center, the possibility of admission and treatment of patients in various specialized and sub-specialized fields such as obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, eye, urology, orthopedics, ENT, neurosurgery, skin laser, internal medicine, pediatrics, intensive care (adults And infants), dialysis, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and physiotherapy, etc.
According to the mission and vision plan of our hospital, we are obliged to reach a superior and worthy position in the field of treatment in the country in a 5-year vision by using our maximum power. With the care of God Almighty, the project of developing and improving the hospital operating room with new facilities and design has been carried out by equipping it with advanced equipment and is providing services to respected physicians and patients. Increasing the quality of services to patients and monitoring good performance Dear clients and patients, the level of satisfaction of clients and patients admitted to Bint Al-Huda Hospital and Maternity Hospital has increased.

The maternity ward of this center has delivery facilities along with mobile suites, VIP royal rooms and LDR rooms and painless delivery facilities (with different methods such as spinal and epidural analgesia, venous analgesia and hypnosis). It has become one of the most equipped maternity hospitals in the province. This maternity hospital with experienced staff and cooperation of more than 100 gynecologists and infertility doctors is one of the advanced centers for delivery and the first center for hypnosis delivery in the country and is also proud to provide one-stop service. Provide the mother with the conditions for a safe delivery at  the highest standard level in all stages of labor .


Inpatient, clinical and paraclinical services that can be provided to clients:



Inpatient wards Clinic Services Paraclinical Services
Gynecological surgery

Maternity ward

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Men’s surgery










Pharmacy Radiology, Ultrasound

Laboratory, pathology












: The most important honors of Bint Al-Huda Hospital and Maternity Hospital-

Receiving statues, certificates and commendations of enduring figures of Iran’s industry, mining and trade by the hospital’s managing director in 1997 –

 Receiving the silver plate of the top hospital in the field of patient education in the national festival –

Receiving a credential and a statue of a worthy manager by the hospital’s managing director in 1996 –

– Receiving an international certificate and honorary diploma of top management from the European Fund for Management Development by the CEO of the hospital –

– Receiving the certificate of selection of the hospital’s CEO as the permanent face of the country’s management –

Receiving the golden statue of the lasting face of the country’s management –

 Receiving a golden statue, a plaque of appreciation and an excellent badge of top management and exemplary entrepreneur by the hospital CEO –

– Receiving the certificate of the presence of the hospital’s managing director in the sixth period of celebrating celebrities and famous figures of the Iranian cooperative department

– Receiving a statue and a plaque of appreciation for excellence and cooperative management to the hospital’s director in the sixth period of honoring celebrities and famous figures of the Iranian cooperative sector

 Earning the golden badge of the lasting face of the lasting management of the country –

- Receiving a certificate of participation in the Oman exhibition

– Appreciation of the General Directorate of Medical Equipment and the Ministry of Health for the active presence of the hospital in the Arab Health medical equipment exhibition

– Received a certificate of superior management from the hospital’s managing director by the Iranian Management Genius Club

 Received ISO22301: 2012 management certificate by the hospital CEO-

– Receiving crystal plaque and statue (ICSI) customer orientation and customer management

– Sample Hospital in 1991 by the Armed Forces Services Insurance Organization

– Receiving a certificate from the University of Medical Sciences for providing desirable emergency services to patients

– Receiving permission to accept international patients

– Received the second place in Mashhad adult futsal statue

– The only private hospital selected to promote natural childbirth


–  Guiding elements of Bint Al-Huda Hospital and Maternity Hospital:


Providing safe, effective and timely care and treatment services by using modern equipment and methods of treatment and surgery and relying on specialized, experienced and committed personnel


With the help of God Almighty, the committed efforts of experienced staff and the development of the physical space of the hospital, we aim to be a leading organization in implementing national accreditation standards and obtaining excellent and top safe health service providers in the spiritual capital of the country by 1403.


  1.   Respond to comments, criticisms and suggestions of clients 24 hours a day
  2.  Transparency, intimacy and confidentiality towards stakeholders
  3.  Flexibility and responsiveness to changing stakeholder needs
  4.  Continuous learning, participation and reliance on collective wisdom
  5.  Respecting human dignity and ensuring the satisfaction of patients and companions
  6.  Observing justice between colleagues and avoiding differences and discrimination
  7.  Creating grounds for creativity and organizational sense in employees at all levels of the organizational pyramid and encouraging innovators
  8.  Paying attention to the principle of observing medical ethics
  9.  Paying attention to the principle of patient, staff and client safety
  10.  Responsibility to protect the environment